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So I finishel HTML class and did this - is it fine or faulty?

12/10/2019 8:38:10 AM

Dmitry Klimkin

3 Answers

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Yes you did some mistakes here. You used tr and form tag inside font tag which is not valid. Even you can apply font on tr and form tag using style attribute.


You have a lot of obsolete elements and attributes in your mark-up. Try to avoid bgcolor, align and similar attributes and font elements. Use css instead. You should also avoid inline styles. Create external css file and link it. There is a typo in your code, attribute wigth does not exist (hr element). Do not use div elements for sectioning purposes. There are special sectioning elements in HTML5.


Thank you very much for answers! I changed font tag mistake. I don't know how to use style attribute yet, SoloLearn gives only very basics, but I'll look into it, thanks! There are many obsolete elements and div blocks because I just finished HTML4 course, so I wanted to practice using HTML4 particularly. I'm learning HTML5 now and then I'll get on with CSS. Thanks for pointing out my typo though, I should be more careful.