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How can i learn Programming without laptop or PC ? It is possible?

12/7/2019 4:51:51 AM


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Not everyone can afford it. Even some of the developers have started writing their codes on smartphone. So yes it is very much possible, just download the applications required to run your programs.


Yes it is possible.U can take me as example but now I have laptop. Just buy external keyboard if ur not comfortable with ur keyboard .I used increase font size of sololearn code playground and I used to type with my external keyboard. External keyboard may cost around rs 500 .


Thanks Avinesh


People here are very helpful here, if you need an application for any specific language, they can help you with that as well.


An iPhone costs almost three times what I spent on my daughter's laptop and more than my son's gaming laptop. I've written Java, C, C++, HTML and assey on a Wondermedia WM8650 7" netbook with only 256 MB of RAM before. If it's got a keyboard and can show at least 80 x 25 characters on screen in a readable font I can live with it. Modern phones are far more powerful than the IBM PC XT machines I used years ago but the screen size and the lack of a keyboard make prolonged typing a pain. Wait until you need to debug code using a phone. The time lost alone will justify the cost of a cheap laptop. With cloud based ides like... codeanywhere Eclipse Che all you need is a web browser anyway.