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Why is the Sololearn app so slow?

Since I started using Sololearn, there was not a single time where I used the app and it never had speed issues. At the beginning, I thought it was always my fault or my internet's fault. But now I've tested with a variety of different setups, and with internet with 100Mbps, and sololearn still presents connection issues, or really low speed in challenges. Can someone explain me why this is the case? Is someone experiencing the same thing? Thank you.

12/6/2019 5:29:10 PM

Gonçalo Magalhaes

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I experience long pauses between questions in challenge sometimes (up to 10 sec).


Don't worry, almost all of us open Sololearn everyday and then press that "Try again" button again and again 😂 The app has improved it's UI in different attempts and we've heard of bug fixes as well, but it's really expected that this network issue will be solved soon


It is very slow for me too ☹️ This is why sometimes I don't want to open this app - waiting 5-10 seconds is killing me.


It is online and the server of Sololearn is slow and unresponsive due to huge num of users. For some it may not be that much slow/unresponsive for some there can be higher due to various issues.


why would i use sololearn in computer when my computer has better enviroment to work with in the first place ? i basicly use sololearn to code when i cant use my computer.


★«D.Connect_Zone» I get it, but the speed of the app is an issue that should be addressed, I believe some users may even give up due to this, because it gets frustrating. Maybe we can all help! :P


We should all be very gladful for we are getting a very awesome platform or community for free. Just keep pro version aside!


isko uzun The fault is most definitely not on my phone...


KseniaT wow. 10 seconds is too slow.


The speed has improved over the last year for me but is still not perfect.


The speed or connectivity issues have been going on for at least one and a half years now. I think it started when they introduced PM. We all believed for a while that it's our internet's fault - because Sololearn's sloppy error messages just *always* told us this, no matter what was really the cause. My half-joking idea back then of what was going on: https://code.sololearn.com/cf1MjpigY9he/?ref=app They have now switched some of the messages to something like, 'Whoops, something went wrong', but in some situations, you'll still get YourInternetException. In the last few months, it has been better (not perfect), they must have done something.


Dont worry...Just try to reconnect back and continue your match. It will not ruins your game


I Know They Are Using Microsoft Azure Servers As Main Servers For Sololearn Platform Or Maybe ASP.NET,Especially If You Opened It From PC,Sometimes They Fix Somethings In Sololearn,So Errors Appear If You Opened Website From PC And They Are Fixing The Website. For Other Reasons:The Number Of Users in Sololearn Is Big And The Requests Between Sololearn App/Sololearn Website And User May Takes Long Time Cause He Respond To Other Users Requests!!! Requests In Sololearn Is: - Discussing - Create/Edit/Upload/Save/Share Codes - Compiling Code - Chatting - Discussions - Courses That Offered,They Are Requested From The Server - Challenges Sorry If I Did Wrong To Sololearn Dev Team,I Just Wanted To Explain What Is Going!!! PS: I'm Not Working With Them!!!


sometimes due to network problem


I dont think its network related because evem doing a simple app upgrade has issues...


The AI robot hasn't yet understood that it's usually Sololearn what's slow, not the individual pcs, smartphones or wlans. This is old news too.


HonFu your Sololearn exception handling code is brilliant 😁 It is nice to hear that it is at least getting better. I am not an experienced user, so I haven't been in Sololearn long enough to see the improvements. But if it was worse a few months ago, I imagine how frustrating it was. I do enjoy the Sololearn app, don't get me wrong. It just seems to lack performance.


Same with me😣


I cant do some challenge with that problem :<


Alfred I feel your frustration.