Hi Guys, I hope you are doing very well, I am learning Python language but not improving myself even i am reading consistently?

I can solve Quiz questions but cannot write program myself? And when i have look to program then i feel i have been read about it all, I am very confuse in this regarding your piece of advice will be highly appreciated, Thanks in advance

12/6/2019 12:45:10 AM

M Tayyab

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M Tayyab, I think you have got enough theoretical knowledge of python but lacking at practice. So instead of going for more courses, just go for simple programs and code them out till the time you don't gain confidence then gradually increase your level. just try these for a start https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/school-programming/#PracticeProblems


You should know how they work and put them


Starting to write programs is very difficult. Like all languages, you know a few words, but not how to put them together to make a full sentence. My suggestion: Start with really small concepts. Prove the function of each concept after it is written. Then try to put your concepts together. I quite often print each concept as I form the code so I can watch the development of ideas. Also, refer to other peoples codes. There are many good ideas that people are sharing.


Thanks Sir, also please tell me is it have worth to enroll in course on Udemy, datacamp,


Everything is worth it as long as you work hard and make it happen. im enrolled in a course in udemy, its pretty helpful.