how can I create my own website? html css



12/5/2019 3:22:46 AM


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1. Create your website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 2. Find a domain and host DOMAIN: I suggest using domains.google to find your domain because you get a free SSL and it's really easy to manage your domain through it HOST: I suggest using Firebase.com or Repl.it for your host because they are both free and reliable. Firebase has many features and is more reliable, but hosting takes longer to figure out Repl allows you to create your code right in the browser, but only allows you to use CNAME hosting Personally I'd go with Firebase, but both are great options Need any help let me know


You can make your own website in wordpress, and you will love it's dashboard stuff, but if you want to do all you code by yourself, then you need to learn html , css, java, python all by yourself


Hi! You can also use 000webhost.com, you can create 2 websites for free.


Hi masters can you give me tips on that


Have you completed your html lessons


<!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=‘en’> <head> <title></title> </head> <body> </body> </html>