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Profit from website

How high is the chance that if I post a website that I will make profit? How much visitors do I need to make profit?

12/3/2019 9:08:04 PM


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It really depends on how much traffic you get. More people = more clicks = more money You can get more traffic to your site through social media posts and SEO (search engine optimization) It also depends on the cost of running the site. The chances are good if you are patient, stick with it, and upload at a consistent rate (not necessarily every day, but consistently). Focus on building quality content first. If you know how to build a site with HTML, CSS, and Javascript... you can host a site for the cost of the domain name only. Use to buy your domain You get a free SSL and it's really easy to manage with Google Domains You can get domains for as low as $12/year which is $1/month! Use Firebase ( to host your site, since it'll cost you nothing and it comes loaded with features If you do it this way you'll be paying $1 a month for your website. This makes it more than affordable and very low risk. If you need help let me know