What's wrong in this??

l=list(map(int,input().strip().split())) p=len(l) j=1 for i in range(0,p): if(j<p): if(l[i]==l[j]): print("hi") l.remove(l[i]) j=j+1

12/3/2019 7:10:15 PM

Pratik Kumbhar

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Pratik Kumbhar If the values in the list are same then your code will remove 1 element which will reduce the length of the list. But the for loop started with a fixed length of the list. As a result you will get "list index out of range exception" so say you have 100 100 4 5 length = 4 and valid index (0 to 3) when an element is removed say 100, then list length will become 3 and trying to access index 3 will cause an exception.


i run the code with some input values, and it does work properly. What input value did cause your problem?


100 100 50 40....this cause error