Hi guys am having difficulty in downloading jquery to my 💻. Each time I try it result to something that looks like an error.

12/3/2019 1:47:27 PM


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How are you going about downloading it? Method 1 - link ------------------------ You can grab a copy from https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.4.1.min.js 1. go to the link 2. copy and paste the code into a file 3. save it as jquery.js or whatever.js Method 2 - npm -------------------------- You can download it using npm You can install npm by installing Node.js You can download Node.js here: https://nodejs.org/ 1. download nodejs 2. run the .msi you donwloaded 3. complete the isntall wizard 3. open the command prompt (type "cmd" into the start menu to find it) 4. type "npm install jquery" Let me know if you need any help