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Which technology i will prefer??

please suggest me which technology i will learned now which will give a better results in future. I am confused because so many things that i don't know like MVC,ANGULARJS,JAVASCRIPT,JQUERY. So basically from which technology I started first.

2/8/2017 5:50:28 PM

Krishna Kumar

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i already learned c and c++ currently i am working on a c# technology using asp.net or sql server.but instead of these technologies i want to learn a new language or technology that's why i suggested the name.thank you bro but the languages you referred i already know.



If you have strong knowledge of C and C++ then you can learn any language. Every technology has their own scope where, java has huge scope but learning this language completely will take long (almost 1 yr), so if you have patience then go for it otherwise you can learn asp.net, php, these are also in demands. if you want to go specifically for Apple technology then learn objective-c. If you started learning technologies seriously, you will love it because, this is like playing a game where you clear one stage then curiosity comes to clear rest of stages too.


first go for c# or c++ then java. or you can start learning sql and html though these two are different from c# ,c++ but these subjects are very easy. good luck.