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Is practice mode necessary?

2/8/2017 4:13:21 PM

Nikolay Nachev

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My suggestion is to introduce practice mode where one can get the same quizes, but with prolonged (or none) time limit. The same mode could be used to introduce QnA section to each quiz similar to the one in the lessons.


You are right! Practice Mode should have questions similar to Challenge Mode, not the exact ones though. But, explanation should be provided for every question in Practice Mode.


I concur. But only if the quizzes already implemented as well as new ones would have some kind of randomness. So you couldn't memorize the answers. For example, if there is a "quick math" question, either the figures and/or operators could vary between executions.


Hey everyone. Don't know how to make a suggestion to Sololearn. Hope if the post gets popular enough it might catch their attention. I kind of agree that the quiz database should be closed and kept a secret, but I realise that players with no programming background can not figure out the longer codes in the very short time given in the challenges and after all the goal of the application is education.


yes after practice mode we could at least figure out our problems and improve our knowledge. Sometimes in challenges one methodology contradict other, you can guess and don't know the reasoning, small time frame harder question. Practice mode may help us minimize these problems. @Nikolay, Krishna Sir, Seamiki


yes it would be great to have practice mode but according to me it will make the actual challenge less interesting as we already know most of answers due to practice. My suggestion is that to define questions based on their complexity and have different time for different question based on its complexity. It will make it more interesting.


it's a good idea, specially now that the quizz factory is introducing new approaches to challenges. Consider using the feedback functionality of the app to contact the devs and make sure your suggestion doesn't go unnoticed. I read they are also responsive on facebook but i never tried.


Hi everybody! Is there already a practice mode in SoloLearn? Personally I find it hard to complete challenges because of the time limit, which is the major reason why I fail most of them. After all I don't learn much, because I run out of time and get no answer in the end. A practice mode would be great, so I could focus on the question not the time or at least more time for complex quizzes. To be honest, I am very bad in any kind of stress or competition situations like challenges or exams. I would really appreciate if something like practice mode will be introduced.


The bad way is with thousands of pictures by other phone and here you are.. I am agree with Николай по-добре ще е с тази опция. Може по сложни задачи да пуснат.