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Should challenge questions like this be allowed? Or should we accept them as we are all adults and there needs to be a sensible limit to moderating posts/quizzes?

11/21/2019 9:50:33 AM


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Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill?


I don't have a reason why it shouldn't be allowed...


Maybe this question is there to tell that you should use technology sensibly. If let in wrong hands, can also be destructive. Technology does not ment to be good to human kind, it depends on who is using it "With great powers comes great responsibility"- Ben Parker


Open as it presents itself, I think it's tasteless, borderline problematic. It might be some movie reference or something, but since it's not stated clearly, one might just as well suspect contempt of human life. We have seen militarist propaganda and that sort of things in personal feed as well. If it was a harmless reference, like it's in a class named Terminator, Predator, Dalek or something like that, I'd be okay with it.


From the beginning the internet has invited a free exchange of ideas with the altruistic view to lift and improve The Human Condition. Sololearn brings people together through thier love of Coding. To me the challenge question does not seem fitting for the Sololearn platform.


Well i see nothing wrong with that.....


Has ai taken over Sololearn and turned it into a propoganda platform?!!! Just kidding.


I feel like it should be allowed because it's everywhere.For example in video games where you have to make choices.


Dude. Thats my name 'John'. Lol just kidding.