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Can we please support Rust

Rust is supposed to be better than C++ in terms of preventing memory leaks and data races. Can we please implement a new course for Rust?

11/20/2019 4:21:11 AM

Joe Smith

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+17 Made by a community member, hope you have fun :) Also send an email to Sololearn if you want a Rust course.


Or Golang. A Go course would be nice too. But someone will have to make the course and a staff member will have to approve it.


I agree Rust on Sololearn would be nice indeed. However there are already good resources out there. E.g. the rust book teaches Rust similar to Sololearn and I was able to learn Rust with it in several days: You can also use the book in this code: P.S. In my opinion Rust is by far the best and most genius language out there at the moment, so it's really worth learning it, even if you plan to use other languages later.


Sonic I'm working on one.


@Prometheus Thanks for the link I will check it out :) I have already sent them an email for a Rust course :)


lahi Ur Please make your own question instead of posting it on someone else’s question.