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Gaming Development and Engineering

Are Java python and C# the "best" languages to learn about Gaming Development or/and Engineering? Do you have any other suggestion for me?

11/19/2019 9:56:49 AM

Kwstas T

6 Answers

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C++ is also there


I’m not sure Python is best for game development. You may want to stick to c# & c++ for better performance


The best language for game dev is C# because of Unity. C++ is also very good at it


It depend upon which platform you are engaged.If you want to develop games for desktop or pc than you have to choose c++ or c# . Most of the famous game engine are influenced by c++ like epic engine,unreal and cry engine and most of the famous game are written in c++ too.If you are working for android than java will help you,there are lots of games engine out there for android.Pygame also be good choice but python is not used for gaming. Python is best suited in machine learning and big data.