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Can i learn Phyton with SoloLearn in 3 months

İs 1 hour per day enough to learn Phyton with SoloLearn

11/18/2019 6:41:25 AM


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If you know any other language(programming language) beforehand then you can even do it in one month But even if you are an absolute beginner then also 3 months will be sufficient for you to learn python But to master it you have to practice much more


'Learn Python' is too vague to give you a meaningful answer. Learning enough to write simple text-based programs: Yeah, 3 months sound about right. Being good enough for a job? Probably at least a year of intense work, more likely several years. Knowing everything there is, like *fully* learn? Decades to never. We can say this much: You won't get there in a hurry, you need to put in time and effort.