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What is the most used and popular programming language? Please give the reason as well. Thank you!

To know what programming language is the best and what programming language we should start to learn. Also, to elaborate the reasons

11/18/2019 4:02:39 AM

Nicholas Aldrich Winardy

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I once read that never merely learn a programming language, learn how to program. Once you develop the logic of problem solving, syntax and semantics will follow. That said, to answer your question simply... eh, it depends. If you’re into gaming and want to become a game dev, C++ and Java are neat. If you want to develop iOS apps, you need to learn Swift. If you’re more interested in AI and machine learning, Python is simple and quick to learn. And if you simply want to earn money then Java is good because it’s used more. Just pick a language and dedicate yourself to it. Learn everything about programming and logic. Don’t be tempted to learn other dozen languages together, don’t let greed get you. Remember, perseverance is the key, don’t give up. I assume this isn’t the answer you’re looking for but hope it’ll help you somehow.


There is no definitive answer as many people do different things you can say embedded languages such as fortran, c, java, and assembly are top since there are billions of electronic appliances in use on this planet. You can say java, kotlin, and objective C because of the rise of mobile computer usage. Or web technologies such as java, python, js, c++, query langs, etc. ~(ok maybe java is used a lot)~ The reason is every language has its strong and weak points so the stronger language will be preferred over the weaker one for said task. example: i would not use javascript for embedded, i would use C, and I would not use C for web, i would use JS. So there is no "best" language and there is no "starting" language; find what you want to do and the language that suits that task will be told.


Here are the Most useful and popular Programming Languages: https://codinginfinite.com/best-programming-languages-to-learn-2019/


You should search this type of question on Google it will give you much better answer than us.


Python. You can check the popularity with a web search.


Well, according to these: https://youtu.be/Og847HVwRSI https://youtu.be/cKzP61Gjf00 the most popular programming language is 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁 🎉Python🎉 (And in my opinion the simplest one)


I use very a lot PHP but html,java and css is very used


JS - for everything, Python - has good libraries for ML, Java - eternal language...


most used: Python most popular: Typescript and GoLang reason because python is comparatively simple and sorted and Typescript and GoLang gives you job opportunities first hand