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Can C,C++ language used for Application development and Graphics ?

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11/17/2019 10:09:18 AM


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Yes,C and C++ languages are used to create computer programs and packaged software such as Games, Applications and Graphics .


Thanks to all for Answers this is helpful for me .


Yes C and C++ can be used to create computer graphics. Using C++ one can make good graphics for the development in desktop application it is good to start using C++ and for android app development Java is good. 'Practice makes the man perfect'. if you practice and make many programs using C or C++ your logic will also be developed and then you can start other languages.


Yes,Bro Call Of Duty One Of The Awesome Video Games,Made With C Battlefield,Made With C++ Unreal Engine Even Uses C++,Fortnite And Gears Of War,PUBG Are Made With C++ So Answer Is Yes,C And C++ Can Be For Anything!!!


Yes they can.


Yes Rohit Kanojiya⚔️🇮🇳{€X∆M$}🇮🇳⚔️ , we can definitely use C++ for application development and Graphics. Although C++ does not support GUI but there are frameworks like WXwidgets with which you can almost do anything with your lovely all time favourite C++🙃🙂


Definitely and proudly yes... As c++ is my first love. These languages are mainly used for desktop application. Also c++ has great no. of graphics. But we should change with time For real time industrial software's One must switch to another languages. Java is reliable language for android development. Python has superb application in machine learning. C and c++ are best for system and console application. Learn these language for your logic building. Then u can easily switch to another languages just by understanding syntax.


1 word: OpenGL.


C++ is preferred for windows standalone application development and desktop game development. Many of high quality games are written in c++ like Fry cry series , gears of wars (maybe god of war) and many more.



Yes, most games uses C++. Games with Unreal engine, for example like Batman Arkhan and Bioshock.


Yes for computer application development. But for android app development Java is super.


C is a best for system software And c++ is a best for application software and games development


of course


yes OpenCV uses C++