Can someone please help me .which programming language used for robot to create ?

11/16/2019 5:32:14 AM

Hacker Yadav

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There a lot of microcontrollers to create a robot. Examples: PIC, Atmega, 8051, STM32, ESP 32. Currently Arduino board is very popular. because there are many libraries and so cheap. IDE arduino You need to know C / C++. Mplab X IDE for microcontrollers PIC you will code using C language. STM32 are 32 bits microcontrollers. It's so good and you can configure pins using Graphical Interface (STM Cube MX). I used Keil IDE with C language. Raspberry is a computer So it's expensive but you can coding using high level languages like Python. If you new in embedded system then I recommend Arduino with C/C++. All microcontrollers can coding using Assembly but It's so so hard. To learn Assembly for microcontrollers I think 8051 is great and simple.



Adrino Python Pedro H.J


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Well. Depends on the platform you are using for your project. Arduino? The official IDE uses c/c++ Raspberry pi? Raspbian - mostly used python but you can use any language that supports IO pins. Windows IOT core - mainly c# PIC? There are several compilers for C, basic etc. As long as there's a compiler for your platform you can use any language.