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what does it mean that I don’t have enough XP to use this feature ?

Hi guys, I’m trying to answer some question but when I want to get a hint, I get a message that I don’t have enough XP. What should I do? Thank you !

11/15/2019 3:07:55 PM


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You can get exp for answering questions as well. I did barely any challenges and I have this little gold badge anyway ^^


Ewelina xp's are known as experience points which is use to determine your level on the platform. After a certain amount, you unlock new levels until you get to the ultimate platinum level. You can acquire this points by; - Challenging(Which is the easiest way to get more xp and level up faster). - Answering questions in q&a.(Only answers marked as best gets xp. 10 to be precise). - Unlocking Badges. The badges have been categorized based on the challenge and answer system. Check profile for more details. - Winning COTD(Code Of The Day. This feature doesn't function anymore). These are the only ways of gaining xp. Jakub Stasiak allow me to correct you. When answering questions, pls avoid every possibility to misleading/misguiding. If you say answering questions, try to be more specific. Answering questions don't earn you xp rather getting answer marked as best does which is 10xp as I stated above. Also the badges you get must have gotten you to gold level :) Thanks for understanding!


It means that you do not have enough experience(you can say it as point in sololearn). For earning experience do challenges and unlock badges.


You will probably have to complete sone of the questions in the lesson to get XP. You can then spend it on hints later when it gets harder


thank you very much for your help and quick reply. ill keep on practising then :)


I’m new to this website . where can i read how it works and get more info how to get XP or 5x ? thank you again


what’s exp? how can i gey it? thank you very much for the tip :)


Xp in sololearn is like money, you get it by challenging people.