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Doesn't work out. Why?

print(float(input('enter a number:')) + float (input('enter another number:')))

11/15/2019 6:57:32 AM

Takrim Ahmed

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Actually it works. SoloLearn has strict rules for inputing. You have to enter all inputs at the beginning of running code(here I mean both numbers) and don't forget you should separate inputs by a line-break(enter)


I actually find that strange that you have to enter all your inputs at the beginning and it doesn't give the input prompts so you don't know what to input unless you read the code first and find them all. For my coding practice, since I like to do it on my phone, I installed "Pydroid3" from the google play store. It's way easier to test code in.



Yeah for multiple codes not showing the input prompt for each code is very difficult to do