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Few Questions are horribly erroneous.

I was completing some of the challenges in HTML and PHP, I found terrible errors in questions, those are extremely frustrating.

11/15/2019 6:01:09 AM


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Also there can be surprising differences between programming languages: Latest PHP: $b = 6; echo $b*$b--; Result:30 Latest Visual Studio and C#: int b = 6; Console.WriteLine(b*b--); Result:36


I don't think any Html question is "horribly erroneous" though😂 We've been practicing them for quite a while now. Still as Michal Straka said, you can use the in-app report feature to report wrong questions/answers.


You can report wrong answers or wrong questions. Click 'VIEW CORRECT ANSWERS' after finishing a challenge. Then there is always a small icon on the right at the top. Click it and you can report different types of errors: Spelling Errors Wrong Question Wrong Answer Off Topis Other Keep in mind to test the answer before reporting it. The results can be sometimes surprising.



Yes, I was using an extended conceit for that, but there were errors, I reported them, as implied.