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I need help with my project. I need to make the function(Transfer) read only 8 digits and it has to be even. IDK the commands for that. Please notify me here. "Option #4 will require the user to enter an eight-digit EVEN whole number. If the number is less than 8 digits long or if the number is not even, then display an error message to the user. If the number is acceptable, then ask the user how much they want to transfer. If the user does not have enough money for the transfer, show a similar error message to the withdrawal option. If the user has enough money for the transfer, then show the remaining balance. Keep in mind that we are keeping track of the current balance."

11/13/2019 4:04:16 PM


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Ipang , from the link you sent, his post has been tagged mfd supposedly by a mod, even though it's valid and not a spam


Please avoid reposting the question to help reduce duplicate questions 👍


Mirielle🐶 [Inactive] Reposting a question out of impatience is no good. Might as well allow people to make duplicate questions. I posted a confirmation on the previous thread (linked, now deleted), asking the OP which part of the task was troublesome. Next thing I know, this one come up while my confirmation was abandoned. Of course I removed the confirmation post instantly as I notice this one, no point in waiting anyway.


Okay cool.