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What can we do with c programming language i think it's useless

11/11/2019 8:51:12 PM

HADJ MAHAMMED mohammed el amine

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This question seems to come up more, and more, and more with the newer languages coming out and growing in popularity. C is still useful for programming at the lowest levels of software, like device drivers, firmware for embedded systems, operating systems, and others. Here, optimizing performance with resources make tasks difficult for higher level object oriented languages to accomplish what C can efficiently. So can you replace C? Sure, when you find a viable replacement for accomplishing what C can without taking a performance hit. Also something to keep in mind: most modern languages were built with or based off the C language. If it's useless, what other standard would you replace it with?


Yes, C is useless. Nobody has used it ever. You can remove all C-codes from all of your devices. They only pollute the environment with their emissions of carbon-dioxide. You have to use Python instead, because it is totally emission-free.


Dude these kids nowadays have no clue what C is and most of them directly jump to Python which is not bad but making comments like this is not good. To be honest most of them don't have what it takes to learn C with patience. Everyone wants to be a developer just like that.


C language is used in lowest levels of software like drivers and operating system kernels. in fact there is a lot of modern languages based on C. With C you can write high performing and resource optimizing programs. With Modern languages you can write more complex programs with less code but in the other hand you will sacrifice in performance




I will love you to check the Arduino projects and see how important C programming is