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I learned Programming But I can't Code.What to do?

Help please

11/10/2019 7:06:53 AM


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Look at example code and adapt them.


Start to do simple programs as soon as u do any topic.... Practice is very important


the biggest mistake you can make as an aspiring programmer is giving up because you don’t think you’re smart enough to learn code. Learning to code has nothing to do with your intelligence.Yes, it’s difficult to learn programming, not because of who you are, but because there are a lot of topics to learn.




Think on paper first learn to solve by writting out programs, algorithms and data structures.


think about any problem you encounter .For example go to a primary class and count how many pupil can't multiply numbers then write an algorithm then try to rewrite it in c language and give it to teachers as a solution for an existed problematic . this is just an example by which you should figure out that being a programmer is not making games but rather to solve problems logically


Haha! Join the club... it happens. But "Don't give up...' Just keep trying and coding will come.


Try try but dont cry.I felt the same when i started programming,but you can practise in the code playground that will help you to develop your code


my best advise would be to write code on paper. write the logic and also yry to solve problems on paper before taking them to your ide. this way ypu will adopt the ability to think critically and avoid making irritating small mistakes logically when u code


Congrats! Learning how to program aint easy. Don't you worry if you "can't" code at the beginning, it's happens a lot with a lot of people. Don't be afraid to try! Follow some tutorials, watch videos... anything that gets you inspired!


Like everything else, theory and practice need to go together. Even if you feel like you are stuck when writing code, you will soon do it faster if you practice. Find any interesting project that you like and focus on it some minutes a day.


I bet someone asked this same question a year or two back.


you have to practice.. study each line what are the logic are used in there


Take some codes and read them, practice more and more, after that try to put these code in real needs. Keep going.


U know what is the bicycle and how it works. But if you don't practice you can't ride it ;) And be carefully u should start simple steps, simple programs, and algorithms... You will realize that you are progressing over time. I am the same and I am doing that


The question has also been asked a year ago. Look at the link posted by Gordon .


Keep learning at Sololearn


I also participated in a web page designing contest even if I don't have a background in coding. Just practice and you'll be good at it.


Just and just you should practice


Its like reasing about soccer you can real all u want you wont ve good unless you get in the field and the work