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Gastby vs Nextjs

Hi all, after putting the past couple weeks into learning React, I’ve been branching out into some frameworks built on React. The two most popular are Gatsby and Next.js, which each seem to aim to make component based web app building easier. They also introduce handling for some common features for webdev that React doesn’t do natively, like SEO. My question is when should one use Gatsby over Next and vice versa? Is it worth knowing both?

11/9/2019 8:27:41 PM

Devon Wells

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Although Gatsby responds faster than Next.js However web contents that are updated often, next.js is the better choice, Gatsby rebuilds all its contents whenever there is updates.


Thanks! So Gatsby for portfolios, brochure sites, etc. and Next.js for webapps with frequent commits or anything where new content is posted a lot.