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What is the best language for competitive programming

I have attended so many competitions regarding programming. I mostly used C++ or C or rarely python . But I need to know what is the best language

11/9/2019 1:13:29 PM

Sahan Dissanayaka

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their is no best languages keep it in mind!! but c/c++ is the fastest language comparing to other languages. .


no language is best language depends on your priorities dynamicity-python static properties-c c++


Hello! Nice Question. You can start JavaScript first as it has similarity to all the other programming languages. Note that you should choose language for your future work. The languages with the topics are: Game Developing: C++, C# Desktop Application: C, C++ Android Application: Java, Python 3 Web Developing: JavaScript, HTML, CSS But you can start with JavaScript. It will help you to realize the other languages. Thank you. If it helps you then give an upvote and Subscribe my youtube channel: CREATION TUBE.