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Problem in english

I want to improve my English skill, so I looking for friends

11/9/2019 12:09:49 PM

Роман Жилин

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You can also ask in russian. We can translate it with


This is not a translation, but as additional education


Just keep writing and reading English and you will improve your skill. If you’d like I (a native English speaker) can correct your English in codes or whatever.



ou can follow these simple steps to Improve English Speaking- 1-Part of Speech 2- The English Tense System 3- Learn Phrases 4- Tongue Twisters 5- Try to Reading Novel, In this way you will learn real spoken language. 6- Synonyms 7- Antonyms 8- Number Homophones 9. Vocabulary Word 10. Participate in English conversations 11- Learn Most Common Grammatical Mistakes 12- Learn Most Common Incorrectly Used Words You can Download Android Application in Google Play for Speak English Fluently - 13- Do Individual Learning 14- Do Group Learning 15- Watch English Movies and Songs 16- Make handy paper slips 17- Take Help from best friend/relative 18- Pronunciation Tips 19- Do not translate in your native language - Think in English only 20- Practice, Practice and Practice 21- Use gestures: These include gestures with your hands and face. Make your whole body talk. 22- Speak in front of mirror 23- Participate in English conversations: Listen, talk and learn 24- Make eye contact with the person with whom you are talking 25- Read English News Papers You can Download Android Application in Google Play for Improve English Speaking -