What is the reason that SL decided to remove the display of individual language XP in the latest App?

I'm asking if anyone in the community knows the reason for it.

11/8/2019 9:11:30 PM


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One of the popular questions in q&a is: 'Why did I lose so many points although my opponent had a higher level?' We used to say: 'It depends on your weapon's xp. Look there and there and you'll see.' Instead of repairing the counterintuitive weapon level system (couldn't have been too hard), they took out the place where you at least could find the information, altogether. Another marvelous job, SoloLearn. But great, that all the icons have switched places now. That was urgent.


I already know that you can use the the website version or run a web scraping code to find information but this question is about the motivation behind the removal of a feature.


Or they leave the UI at whatever degree of crappiness it is right now and finally tackle something that deserves tackling: Content! Assignment reviews! Quiz reviews! Tutorial updates! Q&A filter! Proper search function! Code folders! Seriously, who cares where the frigging icons are!


This link confirms that the old feature was removed but doesn't explain why. https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/1964426/?ref=app


Was this done simply because it would have made the display overly crowded? I.e. for cosmetic UI reasons.


Was it done to put the focus back on learning rather than challenging?


Or did the developers simply forget or not have time to include it?


All these icons at the bottom bar should be at the top, and they should bring back (left right) swiping (just like in previous versions) and at the bottom bar they should put search bar with profile icon. This way, we wouldn't have to stretch our fingers (I mean that's the whole point of bottom bar, right). This UI seems like a copy of YouTube UI.