Does SL python tutorial complited? Do I learn anything about python as if I go to college?

11/8/2019 6:12:21 PM


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The Sololearn tutorials have no prerequisites, meaning a complete amateur can go through it. You won't learn everything but you will learn enough to write code comfortably


I agree with Ace for C# and myself 6 years ago all i needed was that nudge.. before that nudge i never thought i would grasp OOP. but not even a month later i was making my own automated environments in Unity3D! the only thing i suggest is you sit back andvask yourself; What do i truely want to 'make'.. and then chose a language from there buddy 🤓 gappy coding! and DO WHILE the STRING be with you!


This may help you to sharpen your phython skills and learn core of the phyton https://goalkicker.com/PythonBook/


It has a major benefit. It makes your python base knowledge organized. So you'll know python story.


you need to practice, write some basic programme with python and so on.