Does anyone know about Sololearn Moderators accounts so please mention here, I gotta complain. | SoloLearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Does anyone know about Sololearn Moderators accounts so please mention here, I gotta complain.

This is not related to programming or coding, other may ignore.

11/7/2019 3:27:44 PM

Nisha Sharma

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With screenshots included, you may email SoloLearn staff at [email protected] for them to eventually handle it. You can post the screenshots in your activity feed and post a link to it in: You can place the screenshots in the cloud and message any moderator with their links or post them in the previous thread. You can join Discord and there is a channel for reporting issues, plus you can message any moderator there. It support screenshots being loaded. We take these issues seriously. But, blocking is your first needed action, after collecting the screenshots. We will ban accounts that refuse to listen.


Nisha Sharma Please, DO NOT use inappropriate language! You can block the user and report inappropriate actions. **Read carefully what you need to do in such situations —


Nisha Sharma You are welcome👍 Please, Can you tell me what this is about? You can send me in a private message a link from the user or a post so that I can take the appropriate action.


Nisha Sharma One more thing, I almost forgot. Once you have the evidence at hand, you may want to block them before you go and report them to the moderators. This way they won't see you filing a report on them. And by that, hopefully they have less chance to clean up the mess. And they won't bother you with your report, e.g. posting denials to your report to reverse the facts. And you're welcome : )


My strategy is to simply block people like that.


Danijel Ivanović I was looking for this thanks.


Danijel Ivanović I have sent, you may check inbox.


Can you explain what is the problem you want to complain about? I would suggest you to add 'SoloLearn' in your question tags, as it seems, your problem was related with SoloLearn platform itself.


Nisha Sharma I understand now, I'm sorry you had that bad experience, undeniably there are people like that, actually it was what I feared of about direct messaging feature added to this platform : ) I would suggest you though, to get a screenshot of a "crime" as they take place, which you can use as evidence in case they remove their trails to evade consequences. If you have their name, or better their profile, save them too, then you can report the offenders to the moderators, they are here to help with suggestions and assistance regarding such problems. You can write a comment on the following thread. It is a sort of moderators help desk, but remember, never go there to chat or ask questions. Only go there to report a "crime" and nothing more. I hope you may continue your journey in SoloLearn in a better ways, for the years to come 👍


Thanks John Wells


No Ipang , not related to that, I just want to complain about those who are not here for learning they just want to talk s*** and they send vulger msgs even after refusing to talk so I don't like that, there should be nice talk not like sexual talk.


Thanks Ipang 😊, this is what I need, I have proof of that. thank you so much.