I complete all 13 courses of SoloLearn , what should I do next? Coding or challenges?

11/7/2019 5:58:17 AM

Rajeshwari Dadaji Ahire

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Make something a website game or just something fun put your imagination into it


Go create the next big social media then join the Illuminati like the creators of facebook and Twitter then get rich


Create small projects with any language you like most. e.g. a calculator, a web design, a temperature converter, etc. Making projects makes you master the language as you gain more knowledge each time you build a thing using that programming language.


Rajeshwari Dadaji Ahire If you are learning than that's great, what I would suggest you is pick one domain and work on it alone. If you want to do web design then do that for sometime. If you like C or C++ then use that to solve problems in competitive websites. You get what I'm trying to say?


Do not get me wrong but have you mastered any language? I mean are you confident in any of the languages you learnt? Can you answer a critical question in those languages, if not then please you need to check that where have you gone wrong. And also you should not learn so many languages at once.


You have learned the basics of 13 programming languages. Now you must choose one of them and make challenges and code over this language. You will see you need to learn more. If you wanna be great as programmer you must show everyone your skills are the best and you can only get with efforts and hard work. That's I think about the matter.


That's pretty cool if you've learned very well all those 13 courses Just put your skills in action


Rajeshwari Dadaji Ahire Okk So you cimpleted all the main courses, but did you also completed all the extra chapters within mani courses, Like HTML having BootStrap, Java having sortings and algorithms, javascript has Angular, Node, React. js attempt and learn these too


I was in the same situation as you a month ago and I decided to now specialize in C and C++ ...I want to create something big... then later I'll work on Python and get to learn AI and Machine Learning


Avinesh thanks for suggestions.


Now it's time to start making some projects like to-do list, tic tac toe etc so that you can get a feel about implementation of a language. After making basic projects you can start doing challenges . Learn Test Repeat


Bro make your own website like youtube.


Very interesting is machine learning and neural networks, you can use Python etc. for this.


Congratulations Dadaji, u have knowledge of many languages, it takes hardwork and discipline. People say one mastered on one languages is better than one who knows many languages only on the surface. Good luck in finding that one language that u will have fun with in Ur next project. Small step does matter, happy start on ur own coding project. 🙏🏻😊


Celestino🇰🇪🇫🇷 great👍👍


Start reading orielly books, they have great examples, or functional programming IMO, you should concentrate on one language by looking at it from different angles. Try to build a firewall/proxy in different languages & that should Challenge a lot.


Darcy Dar'c thanks


Azura Azaria thanks,but my name is rajeshwari .Dadaji is my father name


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