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Programs I could use for live code updates

I'm not sure if I can post this here so I'll take it down if needed. I wamted to know if there are any other programs I could use that will allow me to type up something in html/css and have it on a browser and it updates as I work, if that makes any sense. I started using Sublime Editor 3 yet I dunno how to open my project up in the browser and stuff like that so yeah..

11/6/2019 9:55:50 PM


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If you're using Sublime Text 3, then yes there is a way to do that and I already worked with it before. I forgot the name of the addon that I installed, but I'm sure you can find it with some research on google. I'll edit this answer if I remeber anything else.


Drea well you can have your own server on your computer, but it requires a bit of knowledge about how to setup one. If you're using linux I might guide you throught installation. Otherwise you can try other packages like View In Browser.


Aymane Boukrouh [Inactive] I use the addon Browser sync yet sometimes it doesnt work so I'm just looking for alternatives if there's any