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Wouldn't it be effective to have a pause button properly implemented and available during coding challenges? A benefit I can easily think of is that it would be very handy for 'challenge-addicts' who are always in areas of distraction (eg work environment). What do you think are the Pros and Cons?

11/5/2019 8:34:26 AM

πŸ‘‘ Tchybooxuur!

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sil πŸ‡¬πŸ‡· I agree. This is almost like what I was saying.


πŸ‘‘ Tchybooxuur! One of the cons i could think of is widespread cheat. Someone could pause, make calculation, run the program on another app or check the answer.


Without pause or cheat it is possible to increase speed of calculation and memory and skills


It would be nice to have a pause button πŸ‘‘ Tchybooxuur!. In a situation where there is a distraction, one could just pause and then return to the challenge later. As BlackRose Mike has pointed out: one of the cons would be cheating. One could pause and find the answer to a challenge.


Haha Qasem it usually shows me time up. yea πŸ‘‘ Tchybooxuur! that be good im not against it.


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BlackRose Mike & Meny Evolving Thanks a lot for your answers. What if it is implemented so that you can only pause a challenge when you haven't seen the next question. I think they did something close to that already whereby if you are abruptly taken off internet connection, the question you are doing at that very moment still continues and registers your score appropriately; but does not proceed to the next question because you aren't connected to the internet. My thought is, won't it make a lot of sense if the pause button is built off of this?


It would be great if they added a "PAUSE" button when waiting for the next question. Same as "SURRENDER" and a warning if they pressed "accept" accidentally And "HINT" that costs 15-30xp for challenge hints.


It would be good if the button worked for the next question, so that someone could not cheat.


It'll be okay to have a pause button if this were a game. But this is not a game, it is a learning app and the challenges are quizzes. The time is never paused in a quiz for any reason. I agree with OfficialAz3 - Storm Me PY, HTML, JS(a Bit) that there should be a warning when the player accidentally hits accept. I also think that a challenger should be able to review the questions and view the correct answers immediately after he/she is done playing a set of five, and not have to wait for the opponent to complete their turn. This way the tendency to forget to review the questions is reduced and learning enhanced.


I turn off my net in thus situation and answer current quiz. My answer is saved in app and when I become free and turn on the net again, is sent to server. Not a hard work.


Or pause button can be visible after you reply a question, without seeing the next question you can pause the session so in this way there wouldn't be any cheating.


Jay Matthews Admittedly, a single challenge doesn't take long. But when you are a stormer like some people on Sololearn, then the question becomes very appreciable. NB: a storm is basically a challenge until limit is reached; approximately 14 challenges. And when your target is to complete 500 to 1000 of those in a day, my question becomes very relevant.


NuminousC Another way to look at it... πŸ‘


I think if there is a pause button, this won't be a challenge anymore. It will be more like a regular quiz. However, I do agree with the statement, that it will be better if the challenges are extending more time.


πŸ‘‘ Tchybooxuur! it would be good to have a pause button, but as BlackRose Mike said people could cheat then. And also, time runs out really fast and sometimes, when they put a hard question, you don't have enough time to think, so maybe they can just increase the time we have to complete it.


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Qasem: You know this. I also do same. BlackRose Mike: Really? It doesn't show time up for me.


Yes it would be amazing but you make it easyer to Google anything and solve it with that help!!


Then me loosing a challenge would be certainly impossible haha