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What are languages important to learn for me?

Hello, How are you friends? I hope you are well. I am a student. I want to learn programming language for web development. So what are languages important to learn for me? I hope all friends give me suggestions. Thanks

11/3/2019 12:23:48 PM

Redwanul Hoque

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You can refer the below link for learning various languages.. https://code.sololearn.com/W71i1t1MPVp6/?ref=app


this question been answered many times.first a basic web like HTML.and then css for design and js for scripting


Hello friend..☺️ For Programming language Python is best Also it is easy to learn .and .used in various recent Technology Try to learn python As you are interested in web technology HTML ,,CSS and JavaScript is necessary.. Refer the below website for learning them ... https://www.w3schools.com/default.asp


For a web developer javascript is a must along with HTML and CSS after that you can also try python,php and all that stuff


These things are what you'll require most for web development. The step by step to learn to avoid confusion: 1. HTML Fundamental 2. CSS 3. JavaScript (then continue to jQuery if needed) 4. PHP 5. SQL (just in case you'll need to build database for your web). There are some more, but if you have mastered these things, you are ready.


Important to learn for web developers • HTML • CSS • JS • JQuery • PHP • My SQL


Html, css, js


Hi! I have heard Python is really cool so should try and learn it!


You must start with HTML, CSS and complete with JavaScript (+ jquery) PHP or Dango,...


So here are the 10 best programming languages for web development, both client and server side. Java. Python. JavaScript. CSS / HTML. C++ PHP. C. SQL. Ruby. Go.


HTML is not a programming language it is a markup language. but Html is very crucial for web development. blend of HTML, CSS and JS are required for the dynamic web page. the database is required for storing data so one backend language is also required like PHP/python.


As a web developer you must be able to code in HTML, CSS (note that they are not programming languages), then move on to JavaScript after which you'll start learning frameworks like react, node. Also you need to learn server side( backend) PHP, JavaScript and Python are good for this. Note Python frameworks are for WebApps


For web development, the main languages are HTML, CSS, and JS (though HTML and CSS aren't languages). PHP is also sometimes used though in my perspective, it's slowly dying. This answer may not be perfect.


Html, CSS, JavaScript and any other...in that order..


If fully new. Start with HTML. You will learn how website works. Then Along with HTML learn CSS. Javascript, PHP is something that you can learn but why not grasp HTML+CSS first


Html, Css, Javascript, Jquery, PHP, wordpress, mysql, and bootstrap ^ ^ My uncle owns a web development and coffee company in Dallas TX, so I'm learning them as well.


The great thing about web development is that there's so many options. You'll at least need to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create a basic site, but you'll likely want to learn a server side language as well, such as PHP, ASP, Node.js, Python or Ruby.


Web development involves 2 parts: 1.Frontend Developer 2.Backend Developer For Frontend Developer: •HTML •CSS •JQUERY •JAVA SCRIPT For Backend developer: •PHP •DJANGO •RUBY And should have knowledge about databases (like MySQL) and their functions.


You will definitely want to learn HTML, JavaScript and CSS if you want to make a website. On the other hand if you are looking more into software development Python, Java, C, C++, Ruby and Swift are programming languages you may want to consider learning.


Javascript is more better for wave development