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Career Growth Question

Hello all... I have some career related doubts ... (1)which is the best job role for working in an IT company ? ( For Freshers) (2)And can we change our roles while working? For example if am working as a Tester and now i am interested in developer ( say Web developer or Java developer whatever...) can I able to switch to the other role ?..

11/2/2019 6:54:17 AM


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(1) That really depends on your qualifications, skills and the company itself. Junior developer sounds about right for freshmen, but there can be other options. Ideally you should be given opportunities to learn and grow, and build yourself a carreer at some stage. Don't get stuck in an endless loop or boring and repetitive tasks. Do something that you enjoy. (2) Again this depends on the company itself, maybe ask your manager or your HR department :) But job rotations are not uncommon to broaden the employee's horizons and try them in different job settings.


Make sure you need to be a lifetime learner...It makes your career better and better in IT...