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Pascal or nah

I learned the basics of pascal in high school but I don't see a course for it here. Is it inferior in some way to C, C+, etc.? (Oh, and happy Halloween)

10/31/2019 3:55:32 PM


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Yes, pascal is considered a beginner's programming language, which is why you probably won't find it in any programming website/application, because it isn't used a lot today.


Pascal in nowdays even isn't for beginners, now It's considered obsolete and often replace to c++ or other languages. (you too :3)


Learning an entirely new programming language just to make a freeware interactive game? Nah, compiler for the win here, I hope. I'm trying to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript as quickly as I can. I doubt I have the patience to learn that stuff as well. Gotta strike the iron while it's hot and all that. Thank you for the feedback, though. It was very informative (and rage inducing).