To memorize or to not memorize?

I am trying to learn to code, with various people saying to not memorize the code and etc etc. what do you think?

10/31/2019 3:24:29 AM


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I dont think you should memroize too much but memorize what you use frequently and also maybe something you think is useful. code completion/code hinting/code assist/param info/quick info in IDEs help you anyway. Plus official docs. You may even learn a new thing or two. And memorizing general algorithms and data structures is a must if you plan on coding professionalluly. in conclusion, memorize only what you use frequently and what could be useful as tools are here to help! And ds and algos is a must for professionals


No need to memorise just keep on practicing and you will automatically memorise more important things


If you don't memories the codes your like Einstein, which don't know any Physics.