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Lesson Factory: Lesson or Assignment

When I go to Lesson Factory I have to select between creating a Lesson or an Assignment. I am not sure about the difference. Does Assignment creates a so called "Code Challenge"? Anyone here who can explain this? (Using search does not really help)

10/30/2019 10:42:45 AM


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Lothar That's true, assignment is the one where we bring up a problem and invite others to try solving the problem by codes. Lesson is where we introduce subjects in a certain programming language, from which others can learn by reading and practicing 👍


thank you all (Mireille, Ipang, Sonic), now it's more clear to me. i will try to do an assignment in the next weeks.


I am using iPad (7 years old) that is nolonger supported by apple. I see a difference in SL app compared to iPhone.


Assignment = coding challenge


@sonic using a website