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Lesson Factory: Lesson or Assignment

When I go to Lesson Factory I have to select between creating a Lesson or an Assignment. I am not sure about the difference. Does Assignment creates a so called "Code Challenge"? Anyone here who can explain this? (Using search does not really help)

10/30/2019 10:42:45 AM


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Lothar That's true, assignment is the one where we bring up a problem and invite others to try solving the problem by codes. Lesson is where we introduce subjects in a certain programming language, from which others can learn by reading and practicing 👍


All I know is that the latest version of the Android App has lesson factory disabled. Are you not using the latest App?


thank you all (Mireille, Ipang, Sonic), now it's more clear to me. i will try to do an assignment in the next weeks.


Assignment = coding challenge


I am using iPad (7 years old) that is nolonger supported by apple. I see a difference in SL app compared to iPhone.


@sonic using a website