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Array equalization returning false

var arr1 = [10,20,30,"asd"]; var arr2 = [10,20,30,"asd"]; console.log(arr1==arr2); console.log(arr1===arr2); Both are returning false. Why ?

10/30/2019 5:13:31 AM

Ajit Kumar

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Because arr1 and arr2 are two different objects. Although their values are the same. For example suppose that me and you both have equal money but still we are different persons. "==" in JavaScript compairs objects by themselves not their valves. If you want to get true as result you must first write: arr1 = arr2


Noise Of Silence I repeat my las answer with example: str1 = "String" str2 = "String" str1 == str2 => true (because they aren't "objects") str1 = new String ("String") str2 = new String ("String") str1 == str2 => false (because they are "objects" now)


Qasem is very correct. And I particularly like the human-money illustration. In addition I will say try studying 'Pass by reference.' Nice question by the way 👍🏽


Qasem NuminousC (o() is console.log function) var bool1 = true; var bool2 = true; o(bool1 == bool2); o(bool1 === bool2); var str1 = "String"; var str2 = "String"; o(str1 == str2); o(str1 === str2); Still false ?


Noise Of Silence pay attention to "object" term. If you define str1 and str2 as string objects (with new keyword) then they won't be equal.


Qasem all four outputs are true. Both for Boolean and string