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Why is the Q&A having a question with so many downvotes as the top in "Hot Today"?

I feel weird to ask this, but usually popular questions with many upvotes were seen in the top of this section. Is a question downvoted but seen by many people considered as popular and therefore deserves a place in the topchart?

10/25/2019 12:07:18 PM


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The question ranking is not only determined with upvotes, views and numbers of answers also affect; because the question has most views and answers that's why, I guess Humayra🇧🇩 edit: I saw their question has a great difference of vote between others So the dev should improve the question positioning system


Hot TODAY works with time now xd... most questions at the top lists are made yesterday and they'll be there for like 2days before they get off the list. PS: Farhan🏁 i think it's a deliberate feature and not a bug tho, that's how it works in the previous update before this and i'm pretty sure multiple users would've complained then.. also the used-to-be trending "welcome to sololearn" thread has been removed since the previous update


Actually I notice that most questions on the Hot Today list only have a few upvotes but seem to be high in comments, views and how recent they are.


So probably it just doesn't happen too often that a question is massively downvoted AND viewed/commented at the same time, hm?


What question are we talking about?


mrityunjay kumar and why is that? 😂


Most downvotes are made, because people don't stick to the guideline of *only posting programming-related questions* here.


I think down vote option should be scraped off ....


Humayara, I saw many questions or comments or answers downvoted unproperly. I was surprised what made people to downvote even though I found those contents useful. Downvoting here or on any technical forum seems to me, people are offended by the those contents .These should not be there on technical forum.


Because it has so many views