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Help me figure this out.

I need a solution for big range connection without the use of internet. I made a car tracking system which tracks the location, speed and fuel jne. We can have multiple. One for each car. All of these systems need to send whatever information they have to a single endpoint so that we can view them from the office computer. However it won’t be very practical to have each car its own internet connection. Or would it?

10/23/2019 10:57:54 AM

Toni Isotalo

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It's kind of machine to machine (M2M) communication required and it's a common approach to use mobile internet for it. Along to the sensors each car would need a router with a mobile internet connection and a tunnel endpoint to a "concentrator" (VPN gateway) in your data center to send the reports. Alternatively it would be required to read the information after the car returns physically to a central collection point. This might work for rental car services. Cheers