Python help. Some1 please make. For school

A python program for the 'Guild of Ceramic Arts' It needs to : Enter & Store details of Guild members. Enter and Store Products for sale. Enter and store guild members orders. Create and store an invoice for each order. Produce replacement invoices for cancelled orders. Check for unpaid invoices that are over 28 days old. Also add a standard delivery charge of £5.99 for all orders. Order over £50 not inc delivery recieves a 5% discount. If an order is cancelled the user is charged 20% of the cost of the order. Also the program needs to have built using simple code that's understandable and needs to be annotated with comments using like #.

10/20/2019 11:42:21 AM

The Boss

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This is your homework. So you should do by yourself. We can help you but can't write full program.


no program is really hard. it is a chain of simple tasks. Begin with entering first name and last name and store it. goon step by step.


The Boss I know but you should try first. Read problem carefully and do some paper work.


The Boss I don't like this word "I can't'. You can do anything. You are going to become programmer. You should try atleast. You have your name "The Boss" and saying you can't do.


The Boss Why don’t you start with the first task, enter & store details of Guild members. Maybe you can make a class called ‘Member’ or something that stores the details of a member. When you do this, you can post your code and ask for help with SPECIFIC problems. Just try.


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