What languages should I learn if I want to get into Artificial Intelligence?

10/20/2019 2:50:43 AM

Rizwan Massani

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I will give topmost prefrence to Python Otherwise you can also go for languages like R, lisp, prolog etc


I would reccomend Python. There are a lot of good Machine Learning libraries (such as Tensorflow and PyTorch).


hello, AI is a wide world, containing Deep learning, Machine learning. the fisrt step to get into, is to understand most of the ALGORITHMS, their goals and implementations. the most AI problems is that we don’t understand algorithms well, so we cannot apply the good algorithm to solve or resolve the mean problem. after this step, you may need a huge knowledge in statistics and statistical methods. well, you can use R for implementing statistical method and Python for implementing algorithms or rusing them from some packages. but, put in mind that well understanding of the problematic to solve and different algorithms to implement is the key to succeed. best regards,


Thank You 😊