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What are the best Phyton tutorials for beginners on youtube?

I'm just getting started with Phyton and I could really use some advices on YouTube channel that offer good tutorials that, a part from teaching me the basics, could initiate me to developing cool and useful projects. Thank you in advance!

10/19/2019 9:51:26 PM


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I enjoy Corey Schafer and thenewboston videos even for java . But like Jan Markus said sololearn is an absolute place to kickstart and as well master the basics


I think the best course for absolute beginners is the sololearn course. If you have completed this one you can reach for more. Corey Schafer on YouTube is in parts too advanced for this stage.


For python, I always check a channel named Corey Schafer, it has great tutorials about python, checkit out.


Jan Markus yes, lately he has been posting about some advanced libraries, but he has very basic videos on data structures, functions, classes, etc.


I think as a beginner you should start with Edureka on YouTube. As a beginner you will not understand many things about programming. But it covers many things for the absolute beginners. Even it is a great course for the advanced learners.