Why sololearn is challenging me?

10/16/2019 2:13:49 AM

Maninder $ingh

14 Answers

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It's actually a bot which challenges you occasionally so that you be in a habit of challenging and you don't forget about that feature of SOLOLEARN


To keep you engaged.


They boost their ego by challening n00bs. Nah, Arsenic pretty much explained it


To make sure you use the app once in a while


Cos SoloLearn likes to grab some of your xp 😁😁😁


[It is not a reply. It is another question] Why sololearn is not challenging me???


Maybe this question has some answers? https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/1714833/?ref=app


It is a bot when we not much active active in play section. Automatically sends challenges. SoloLearn normally challenge me two times for a week. Because i also not much active in play section ♾


It's for your growth in coding, and you will learn more the specific language


Make it regret it. Scream "come at me bro" and win every challenge.


Just for fun :)


To improve your skills


Sololearn is knocking your door to join the party.


It happened to me, yesterday. I think Sololearn challenge you or me, because it makes you want to do more challenges. Or it might be, free xp for you. I win 3:2 with C++, thx Sololearn for free xp