I was good at pascal at school , does that help when i start studying other programming languages?

In my country we study pascal at high school. So i was pretty good at it. So does having the knowledge of pascal helps learning new programming languages like javascript? And would it make it easier and fsater to learn? Thank you

10/15/2019 1:17:41 PM

Moh Ha

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Yes. I learned have used delphi for a very long time. Delphi is the visual IDE that use pascal a code language. Further on in my career, I switch to C#. That went very smooth. The concepts are the same just the syntax is different. Learn the syntax of your new language and you are good to go. Have a look a C#


JavaScript is more syntactically similar to C family or Java (excluding types). But if you want to start JavaScript from here you don't need to worry, you will be learning from the basics, so it'll be fine even if you had no experience learning any programming language.




Thank you