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Which operating system is best for programmers???

10/14/2019 9:53:12 AM


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Linux all the way :D


In which u r comfortable


It depends on the project's target OS. For iOS, macOS - macOS is the best. For web development - Linux.


Doesn't really matter which OS to choose... But remember this that most Enterprise softwares are deployed in Linux... Now until and unless you reach the production state... You are free to choose any OS and even further down the development lifecycle of the software.


Totally JavaOS or GNU Hurd.... Im kidding bro chill


Linux, even with the most friendly distribution you need to understand what you are doing and how achieving it. In my opinion this is positive.


I use XUbuntu and im really happy with that (it's a Linux Distribution)


Most are good these days but it will depend on what kind of programming.


i use Linux and Windows


Linux. But Windows good too


It depends, for a newbie, It would be Windows, otherwise Linux is all time favourite.





Najmuddin Ansari i heard that as a programmer we shud linux 😇.. Btw tq for answering..


Linux or maby also Windows if your comfortable with it


It all depends on the requirement Eg if you are loving xamarin c# with VS then its very difficult for you to use other OS besides Windows.




A computer with higher resolution and better keyboard 🎹. 🤔


Victor agreed 100%


Linux operating system is best....try Ubuntu os