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What are the tools a web developer must have in his pc?

I want to be a web developer and also have skills in html, css, php and sql

10/13/2019 3:43:24 PM

Sumanth Kankipati

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VS code Git Browser devtool Node Npm Docker Terminal Ssh Github Webpack with module loader of scss, css, minify bundle serverless Stack overflow Chrome with dev extensions eg Postman Google ... and many more web tools and npm dev packages


I think all it takes is a good text editor, and an internet browser with an internet connection(for whenever you are stuck on any problem, you can refer here.) That's just according to me. Good luck💛


I use WAMP (Windows installation of Apache MySQL phpMyadmin) When configured, you create a local server on your system. PhpMyAdmin lets you create your sql databases. You can use php inside VS studio (if you use that) in your projects to connect to your database. Then you can edit sql files as long as you adhere to the structure. You can also use sql queries (inside php code) to interrogate your database once connected.


What do we use to manage databases