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Hello,I am new here...I am preparing for Msc FinTech , University of Sterling.Knowledge of Python language is a preperquisite,where should I begin ...HTML,CSS,JS and finally Python or directly go into Python?The language of Python will be used in machine learning, data analysis,and app development.

10/12/2019 3:41:24 PM

Brian Otieno Odhiambo

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Python isn't that hard, so you can start directly.


I dont think learning HTML will help you with python. and as Kofi said, python isn’t that hard, just do the SoloLearn lessons and watch some YouTube tutorials, for example freecodecamps python tutorial


Learning HTML or CSS doesn't help you to learn Python almost anyways. JavaScript might help a little, but it is more recommended to start straight from Python if it is your target.


Yes, you can start with python because it is good for biginers, you can also make app and web and machine learning. GOOD LUCK....