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is there any way that i'm able use python in unity??

10/12/2019 9:00:24 AM


8 Answers

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Check this. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53618324/can-we-make-a-game-with-python-in-unity


Nope. I mean, unless you wrote a custom parser to convert your Python code into C# 😅. In any realistic scenario, though, the answer is no. With current versions of Unity you have to use C#.


AJ || ANANT || AC || ANANY || AY interesting -- so people did write the parser. As a side note the answer is outdated as current Unity does not support JavaScript


Utsav Prasad This is not right thread to Advertise your code. And also this is questions answers discussion forum. If you want to Advertise your code you can post in your Activity Feed. Check this code to post your code. It may help you. https://code.sololearn.com/WLQ13hJI5d9e/?ref=app


C# is the Heaven in Unity. It is the main code source to unity! The answer to Is there anyway that I'm able to use python in unity? No! If you want to develop game, you should study C/C++/C# If you want to learn Machine Learning and Ethical Hacking, you should study Python


Utsav Prasad these are good codes but I am concerned you will get flagged for spamming. Instead perhaps ask questions about how to make these codes even better?