What is the best language for developing online web application and also frameworks and technologies associated with it.

Guys please suggest me best languages to make a onilne web application.

10/12/2019 3:36:40 AM

Nithya Yamasinghe

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CalebGold Please don't ask your questions in my question if you wat to ask a question go to Q & A section and make your own question


https://www.sololearn.com/post/158969/?ref=app Check it ...


Javascript with nodejs or python. It is depends on your knowledge and what you need. Both are good for front and backend. Nodejs can be really difficult if you going deeper and you gonna need a lot of modules for your stuff. Python is better to use but different. Both have some frameworks and libraries for webapplications and you can find many tutorials for them.


try Next.js – universal React framework


Javascript can be used both front end and back end.


It doesn't really matter, the one you are master at can be the best, whatever could be, Golang, Rust, Js, PHP or anything else¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Abhay pratap Singh I am asking best language for developing online web application not the best programming language 😊


Depending on the requirements... Furthermore I'll suggest to use React for frondend and dJango or Node for backend.


JS is the best nowadays it has a lot of frameworks and libraries, in my suggestion i will recommended to learn JS


There is no best languages and frameworks. There is only appropriate. For example youtube uses c++, c, java, python, golang, javascript, objective c on ios e.t.c. It's one of the best web application on the planet. But it doesn't mean, it's appropriate for startups or small business webapps.


Local variable are used inside a constructor, method and any block of code. it cant be used outside the constructor or method. And once that constructor or method is terminated the local variable is terminated too. N/B: it not public or private ( in general it doesnt have any access modifiers). please follow me( Moses Borore) and check the codes section


How can i make use of a constructor in java ?


Pls can someone explain local variable in java using code?